Heavy Letters

Heavy Letters are forms that we cast in various colors of concrete. They are great indoors and out and have limitless possibilities. Here are some examples: Home addresses, Garden ornamentation, Bookends, Doorstops, Business Advertising and Childrens’ Rooms.


Interactive, functional sculpture for everyone!

At this time we offer letters A through Z and numbers 0 through 9 in light grey, dark grey, and terra cotta red. These items are hand made one batch at a time so some colors may not be available immediately.

The price per letter/number is $15.00 each + shipping.
All letters/numbers are 9″ tall and 2.5″ thick.
Average width is 6.5″ but the letter W is 9″ wide, letter I is 2.5″ wide
Average weight per letter is 6 pounds.

If you would like to order Heavy Letters or have any questions, please send your order to us via email: heavyletters@insightbb.com
Be sure to include your zip code so that we can reply to you with the shipping cost.

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